E   X   M  O  O  R  


We see patterns in nature 

We are inspired by the ever changing colours and shapes around us

We hear – we see

The gushing water in the streams, rivers to the sea, the grey slate, the ever changing colours of the leaves

The heather, the moss and the barks of the trees

                                               KILVE BEACH                     textures in nature

                                                 sea gulls over the Bristol Channel

                                                         M I N E H E A D                  cascading sea water on the rocks

                 C H A R G O T  W  O O D S                             barks of ancient oaks 



This is Skyfall - a beautiful alpaca at Weekfield

Alpaca Fashion Company Limited which owns the business at Weekfield Farm has been awarded an EU Grant under the Western Somerset Leader Funding programme.

The Knitwear Design Studio at Weekfield Farm provides knitwear design and sampling services using a state of the art Shima Seiki knitwear machine.