R  I  T  I  S  H    G U A N A C O 


Guanaco (lama guanaco) are South American camelids found living in highly fragmented populations across the arid and mountainous regions of Argentina Chile Bolivia and Peru from sea-level to 5000 metres. Due to hunting and extensive livestock grazing guanaco are now recognized internationally as an endangered species.

From a pre-hispanic population of 30-50 million now there are only around 600,000 in the world with over 70% of these being found in Argentine Patagonia.


At Weekfield our farm in Somerset we have a small herd of guanaco. We use this rare fibre for our luxury products

Guanaco fibre is one of the finest natural fibres in the world. It is second only to that of vicuña in softness and fineness

Guanaco have a double coat - an overcoat of darker, tan, brown or cinnamon coloured coarse fibre and guard hair and a superfine uniform pale camel-coloured undercoat averaging between 14 -18 microns. We dehair the fibre to separate the downy luxurious undercoat .




This is Skyfall - a beautiful alpaca at Weekfield

Alpaca Fashion Company Limited which owns the business at Weekfield Farm has been awarded an EU Grant under the Western Somerset Leader Funding programme.

The Knitwear Design Studio at Weekfield Farm provides knitwear design and sampling services using a state of the art Shima Seiki knitwear machine.