B  R  I  T  I  S  H    A  L  P  A C  A 



Alpaca (lama pacos) originate from South America where the temperature in the Andes at 4,500 meters above sea level is extremely changeable: minus 18 - 20 centigrade degrees during the night to 15 - 18 degrees in the morning.  To survive in these extreme temperatures with icy cold winds and uv rays from the sun alpacas developed a unique hollow fibre which is fine and lustrous with more thermal capacity than any other animal. We try to maintain the quality of the fibre by giving our alpaca in Exmoor special protection from the British wet weather – shelter !


The genetics developed in the UK alpaca industry are crucial to the production of high quality cloth and knitwear. 

At Weekfield we focus on top quality genetics to ensure consistent fibre production each year for our textiles and knitwear



This is Skyfall - a beautiful alpaca at Weekfield

Alpaca Fashion Company Limited which owns the business at Weekfield Farm has been awarded an EU Grant under the Western Somerset Leader Funding programme.

The Knitwear Design Studio at Weekfield Farm provides knitwear design and sampling services using a state of the art Shima Seiki knitwear machine.